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dCalc 2.00

dCalc 2.00

dCalc Publisher's Description

dCalc is an RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator as popularised by Hewlett-Packard. Like the HP calculators it operates much more intuitively than calculators with an equals sign but on the Psion it provides much more information including the whole stack and graphing function.
  • Major modes:

    • Financial mode - compound interest, present value, final value, interest, number of payments etc - these all work in the same way as in the HP calculators. Anuities can be set for the start or the end of the compounding period. Days between dates.

    • Scientific mode - Sin, Cos, Tan, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, log, ln, etc and their inverses

    • Statistics mode - Sum, Sum-, mean, std dev, factorial, Permutations & combinations, Linear regression

    • Programming mode - Bin, Oct, Dec, Hex, Ascii and Internet Address (IP) displays. AND OR NOT MOD and shift operations. Prime factors.

  • There is a full set of unit conversions including
    • length - mm, cm, m, km, in, feet, mile, nautical mile etc etc
    • area - acre, hectare, sq. m, sq. mm, sq. in., sq. foot etc etc
    • volume - gallons, pints, litres, cu. m, cu. feet etc etc
    • mass - kg, pound, ton, tonne, gram etc etc
    • speed - kph, mph. ft/s, m/s etc
    • fuel consumption - mpg, litres/100 km
    • pressure - atmospheres, mmHg, pounds/, Pascals etc
    • temperature - centigrade, fahrenheit, Kelvin
    • currency - up to 36 currencies of your choice

  • Programmable keys - 5 keys (f1-f5) can be programmed by the user to execute the Psion's native OPL language which is similar to Basic. Thus you can create your own keys with your own labels
    e.g. "R100", a key to generate pseudo random numbers from 0-100 (OPL code is "100*RND")
    e.g. "%" a percent key by putting "y*x/100" into a function key

  • The N-R key provides a Newton-Raphson iterative (numerical) solution for functions. All you need to do is put the function and its derivative (dy/dx)into the f4 and f5 programmable keys (marked f(x) and f'(x) and press the N-R button. If a solution converges in a reasonable time it is put into X.

  • Graphing of (X, Y) functions is built-in with control of axes and labelling and up to three functions on one plot. Plots can be exported to other applications.

  • It features nice big clunky keys (easy to hit) and a nice big display (easy on my presbyopic eyes).

  • dCalc has a full set of stack manipulation keys (Roll, XY, Enter, Sto, Rcl) which are so essential to the effective use of an HP calculator.

  • It interoperates well with other Psion programs using the builtin copy and paste functions (^C and ^V shortcuts as normal).

  • dCalc operates on real numbers with Scientific, Statistics and Financial functions or 32-bit integers (for programmers).

  • The precision in Scientific, Financial and Statistics mode is the full precision of the Psion - about 15 significant places of decimals.

  • As well as the stack, which is always visible (a nice plus over an actual HP calculator) there are 10 integer and 10 real registers to store numbers.

  • All your numbers and settings are saved between sessions

  • English and German languages are supported

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